Nebraska State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh has asked Attorney General Doug Peterson to keep evidence on child welfare and Saint Francis Ministries

LINCOLN, Nebraska – In a matter concerning child welfare and Saint Francis Ministries, a state senator from Nebraska has asked Attorney General Doug Peterson to take measures to preserve evidence in the case.

Machaela Cavanaugh, a senator for the state, has requested that Attorney General Doug Peterson maintain custody of evidence that could have an impact on the state’s case against Saint Francis Ministries.

This comes as a result of recent claims that have surfaced in Kansas indicating that documents from a federal court reflect a civil asset forfeiture case.

It is alleged that a former employee of Saint Francis Ministries’ information technology department stole millions of dollars from the organization while it was working under contract with the state of Kansas to provide adoption and foster care services.

According to a report compiled by the Inspector General in this state of Nebraska, Saint Francis was not meeting the requirements for caseload ratios, timely case documentation, or monthly contact with the children in its care.

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