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Nebraska State Legislature Pushes Bill to Prohibit Gender-Based Caregivers for Youth

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Nebraska legislators voted Thursday to pass LB574, which would ban gender-specific care for youth.

The bill, known as “The Let Them Grow Act,” held a 33–16 vote in closing before it passed in Common File 30–17, where two state senators—Tom Brandt of Plymouth and Jana Hughes of Seward—voted “is present”.

Omaha Sen. Kathleen Caut, the bill’s author, opened the session’s comments on Thursday, but Democratic opponents occupied the remainder of the morning’s debate in the unicameral chamber with more than a dozen consecutive bracket proposals to prevent supporters from addressing Parliament at all. closing of the vote.

It was an emotional morning as those at the microphone read letters from healthcare professionals and parents, while others shared their personal experiences as parents and members of the LGBTQ+ community themselves. More than one senator was brought to tears during his allotted speech.

State Senator Lynn Walz of Fremont spoke of her son’s severe depression after returning from Afghanistan. Omaha State Senator Jan Day spoke about how difficult it is to be a child in a political climate that calls into question gender-affirming care. State Senator Joh Frederickson of Omaha struggled to speak at all at times when he talked about how grateful he was that his parents accepted him.

Several lawmakers pleaded with their fellow senators to vote “no” or “be present without a vote” at the closing, indicating that if the bill passes, they plan to filibuster all other bills.

Debate on the controversial bill has been set for this week after filibusters organized by Omaha State Senator Machala Kavanaugh continue to make national headlines. That debate began on Tuesday when the bill’s Republican supporters tried to shut down the debate after only a few were able to speak; and continued Wednesday, with some senators raising legal concerns about the ban.

Committee hearings are due to end on Friday.

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Correction: A previous version of this story contained an incorrect vote count. 6 News regrets the mistake.

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