Nebraska residents warned about new scam attacking their bank accounts, report

Omaha, Nebraska – A most recent scam is the latest threat for Nebraska residents as their bank accounts might be in danger, multiple reports say.

According to experts, the new scam directly attacks people’s checking accounts without even being logged in and even without authorization from the owner.

Nebraska residents are warned and encouraged to check their checking accounts and the transaction history from the previous days.

In the age of Cash Apps, Mary Packett still goes by the book.

“Last check I wrote was for a tip,” said Packett.

Packett ended up to learn about this scam the harder way when she noticed that completely unknown Montana based company withdrew a total of $250 from her account.

”250 LLCs are out of that place,” said Packett.

The name of one printed on a check conversion bank draft that had Mary’s bank routing and account number at the bottom. So a withdrawal could be made without her signature or authorization anywhere to be found.

“I feel like someone entered my house and took something from me and I don’t know how they did it. How they got in,” said Packett.

The demand draft has a phone number for questions. The call was rejected so the phone number on the check is basically bogus.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the conversion checks are type of pre-approved transactions and banks are now aware if these transactions were authorized by the clients or they have been scammed by scammers.

”They have your bank account information and your routing number so they can create these drafts. This is not the most common scheme that we see but it’s troubling that we’ve seen this emerge,” said Jim Hegarty, Better Business Bureau.

Multiple other Omaha residents also reported fraud transactions to their banks. Mary closed her checking account and filed fraud report hoping the bank will somehow stop the transaction and will refund her the money.

Others are now warned to check their bank accounts and recent history. In the meanwhile, the Nebraska Banker’s Association proved us with tips to avoid scams.

Consumer tips to prevent fraud:

  • Check bank accounts often. Watch for transactions you do not recognize and report them to your bank immediately.
  • Watch for missing mail. Fraudsters may try to steal bank or credit card statements or other mail containing your financial information. Consider enrolling in online banking to reduce the likelihood of paper statements being stolen. Don’t mail bills from your mailbox with the flag up.
  • Shred papers like receipts, banks statements, and credit card offers before throwing them away.
  • Verify the requestor before sharing sensitive information. Do not give someone your bank account information or passwords unless you are sure that person can be trusted.
  • When in doubt, contact your bank.

Although banks have invested millions of dollars in protecting their customers becoming scam victims and lose money, scammers always find new ways to scam people through text messages, phone calls and even bank accounts.

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