Nebraska residents might soon see shortages of products like oranges and lemons due to hurricane Ian

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Due to Hurricane Ian, consumers may see a temporary depletion of their preferred products.

Due to Ian’s influence on the supply chain, citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons may become more desirable.

Jennifer Ryan, chair of the department of supply chain management and analytics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, asserts that a variety of items could be affected.

Ryan stated, “Florida produces a lot of fertilizer, and there is a large supply of phosphate that goes into fertilizer, so this might affect farmers.”

She stated that any disturbance to the supply chain, such as a hurricane, can affect the entire economy.

There could be sporadic shortages of a variety of commodities, as manufacturers use components from a variety of companies to create your favorite household goods.

This is one of the issues companies face, as evidenced by the possible absence of your preferred shampoo on store shelves if a component came from Florida, as stated by Ryan. “They produce products utilizing materials purchased from a variety of companies, but they do not always know where these materials are situated, and neither do we as consumers. So the results of something like this can be somewhat arbitrary at times.”

Popular commodities throughout the pandemic, such as bottled water and paper towels, should stay well-stocked despite the depletion of a few specific items.

Regarding gasoline, Ryan predicted no changes in price or demand.

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