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Nebraska prisoner wanted since two years ago located and arrested in Las Vegas

LINCOLN, Nebraska – A prisoner from Nebraska who had been reported missing has been apprehended in Las Vegas.

Following his release from a facility in Lincoln Community Correctional Center more than two years ago, Ronald Taylor was taken into custody on Friday in Las Vegas, according to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.

On May 21, 2020, Ronald Taylor allegedly escaped from custody together with another convict named Brandon Britton. A short time later, on June 5, 2020, Britton was taken into custody.

According to the Department of Correctional Services, Taylor’s sentence did not begin until the 30th of October in 1997. He was found guilty of escaping from custody, possessing a controlled substance, assaulting another person who was imprisoned, stealing, and possessing methamphetamine. All of these counts were brought against him.

He was given a term ranging from 24 years and nine months to 54 years in prison, and his expected date of release was May 14, 2025.

Inmates at the Lincoln Community Correctional Center are permitted to enjoy labor opportunities and attend school or other activities without being directly supervised, as stated by the Department of Correctional Services, which makes the facility a less restrictive option.

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