Nebraska man injured after 16-ton bus fell on his chest while working under the bus

LINCOLN, Nebraska – How a Lincoln man’s source of income nearly cost him his life and how he is currently on a lengthy road to recovery.

Lincoln’s “Tailored Dreams” party bus company is owned by Tyler Loomis. During the weekend, he was working beneath one of the 16-ton buses when it collapsed into his chest.

“The bottle jack gave out and the bus came down on top of him,” said Bob Hinton, a chauffeur with the company.

The bus was returned to its storage location after experiencing issues following a night out. Coworkers reported that Loomis was inspecting the issue area towards the rear of the bus when it collapsed on him. Thankfully, his brother was nearby and able to assist just seconds after the incident.

“They got another jack, jacked it up and they got him out and started doing chest compressions,” Hinton said.

As soon as paramedics came, they attempted to restart his heart, which had stopped beating after being crushed.

Coworkers said that although Looms remains hospitalized on a ventilator with many fractured ribs and other difficulties, he is slowly improving.

“He keeps trying to get out of bed and go. He’s a man that does not sit still,” said Lisa Keller, another chauffeur with the business.

The employees of the party bus firm see themselves as a family that Loomis has brought together. They characterize him as a leader, a patriarchal figure, and a friend to everyone.

“He has told us that we are all the boss of our bus. If we have a problem, we take care of it and he will back us, and we know we’ve got that backbone,” said Gayle Schmidt, a chauffeur.

Currently, the group’s sole objective is to see Loomis return to the bus barn on a busy night.

“I’m just going to be over the moon when he gets back,” Keller said. “When he’s here, you just get that warmth. The sensation, the relief knowing that you’ve got a great leader.”

The organization is also seeking to generate funds for Loomis’ hospital stay and recuperation via a fundraising campaign.

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