Nebraska man died following a skydiving accident that took place in Lincoln, police

LINCOLN, Nebraska – The inquiry into a tragic skydiving accident that took place on Thursday at the Crete Airport is being conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration with the assistance of the Crete Police Department.

Late on Thursday afternoon, a pair of skydivers are said to have participated in a tandem jump, which was witnessed by onlookers. They evacuated a plane that was operated by Skydive Atlas LLC, and the parachute successfully deployed in its entirety after functioning as intended. As they got closer to the ground, the two people did not adequately slow their descent down. The reasons for this are unknown. A call was placed to emergency medical services almost immediately by witnesses, and both the Crete and Wilber Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments went to the scene.

Romulo Suarez, 56 years old, was recognized as the veteran parachutist who survived the crash and was brought to Bryan West Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Suarez is from Crete. At the Crete Area Medical Center, where he was transferred after the accident, the other skydiver was pronounced dead.

Due to the fact that the man’s family is currently seeking to contact additional relatives who live outside of Nebraska, the Crete Police Department has decided not to release the man’s name.

Skydive Atlas issued the following statement in response to the incident in a news release:

Today, the Skydive Atlas Family is in a state of mourning following the untimely death of a first-time skydiver and the serious injury of an experienced tandem master. The incident occurred on Thursday, September 15, during the last descent of a regular skydiving; however, at this time it is not possible to fully determine what the cause of the mishap was, therefore we will not speculate on a possible explanation.

There is currently an investigation being conducted.

Safety has always been our main priority, and it must continue to be so for each and every leap we make. Every skydiver and every member of the Skydive Atlas team goes through extensive training and receives counseling. Since it first opened for business in 2005, Skydive Atlas has successfully completed almost 20,000 jumps under the supervision of the United States Parachute Association Group. The tandem expert in question has completed more than 1,800 jumps on his or her own.

The owner and operator of Skydive Atlas, Sean Tillery, has logged more than 13,000 personal jumps and is dedicated to introducing new participants to the activity in a manner that ensures their safety. The popularity of skydiving is increasing across the country.

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