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Nebraska judge rejected two Omaha women’s lawsuit asking to be listed parents on a child certificate

OMAHA, Nebraska – A judge in Nebraska has dismissed a lawsuit that was brought forward by two women from Omaha. The plaintiffs had requested that both of their names be included on the birth certificates of their children.

The ruling that was handed down by a judge in Lancaster County District Court a month ago stated that the request was in violation of Nebraska law, which mandates that birth certificates include an acknowledgment of paternity, as well as state policy, which states that the parents listed on birth certificates are the child’s biological parents.

Last year, the Nebraska chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of Erin Porterfield and Kristin Williams, who claimed that state officials unconstitutionally treat unmarried same-sex couples differently than unmarried opposite-sex couples. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Erin Porterfield and Kristin Williams.

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