Nebraska hit by the first winter storm of the season, this is some tips how to stay safe on the roads

Nebraska – With the winter in place, snow and severe weather conditions in Nebraska nothing but a regular everyday thing.

This season, Nebraska was hit by the first winter storm causing a lot of car accidents and difficulties in Nebraskan’s everyday lives. Following the first winter storm, Nebraska State Patrol shared the well-known tips for residents how to stay safe on the road during the winter season.

According to the historical data, the snow on Nebraska averages 6.5 inches of snow during the month of January, which is slightly lower compared to February when the average snow reaches 7 inches.

The snow, understandable, is causing a lot of problems for drivers. Slippery roads lead to more car accidents during the winter. One of the major thing Nebraskans are advised to take into consideration is to plan their trips upwards depending on the forecast and to also plan for potential road closures.

Nebraska State Patrol Lieutenant Mike Maytum believes that planning the trips upwards by far improves safety on the roads and this is what he advised Nebraskans.

“Plan ahead and give yourself a little bit of extra time to get to where you need to go when you’re on the road,” Maytum said. “Give yourself some extra distance to start and stop and put your phone down. It’s always important to keep your eyes on the road and not let something distract you from operating a car safely.”

The data also shows that the highest number of accidents in a year is usually recorded in the months of January. That was the case in 2020 when the highest number of car crashes was recorded in January. Maytum adds having an emergency kit in the vehicle can make a huge difference in the winter months.

“Have a plan if something bad happens, should you have an accident or should your car slide off into a ditch and you can’t get help, make sure you plan ahead for that,” Maytum said. “Have a blanket, have some extra food and water, just something to get by until someone can get to you.”

During the winter period and increased number of car accidents, people who are involved in the crashes during the winter months are asked to remain patients as authorities prioritize the most serious calls first meaning that those crashes without injuries might sometimes wait a little bit longer until authorities respond at the scene.

NSP has also encouraged Nebraskans to take advantage of the Nebraska 511, which provides updated road conditions, including traffic and speed.

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