Nebraska health experts expect increasing number of flu cases in the upcoming winter season

OMAHA, Nebraska – As the COVID pandemic raged over the globe for two years, the flu nearly vanished.

This season influenza appears well-positioned to make a comeback, especially given the decline in vaccination demand.

Since the pandemic began, health professionals have worried a “twindemic”: the simultaneous spread of COVID and the flu. However, precautions like as masks and social isolation helped keep both illnesses at bay, according to specialists.

Now that the majority of precautions have been removed and public opposition to vaccinations appears to be growing, doctors fear that the flu could take center stage.

Dr. Mark Rupp, Professor and Chief of Infectious Diseases at Nebraska Medical Center, stated, “Influenza is kind of lurking in the background.” It is destined to return and exert itself at some point.

Rupp adds that vaccination reluctance could worsen the season.

“I am concerned that some of the anti-vaccination sentiment that has become somewhat politicized as a result of COVID will extend to influenza vaccine. That would be regrettable, and I hope that doesn’t happen.”

According to Rupp, your greatest defense is to attempt to prevent both diseases.

Therefore, get a flu vaccination and a COVID booster to prevent both of these potentially severe respiratory virus infections from developing in your household.

Ruth Piatt of Omaha intends to do so.

“I have a 2-year-old great-granddaughter whom I care for at my residence. “I am concerned for her,” Piatt added.

Doctors recommend getting both immunizations in early autumn.

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