Nebraska family bought an SUV online and paid $41,000 in Papillion; they can’t drive the car due to title delays

PAPILLION, Nebraska – Imagine having to make payments on a vehicle that costs $41,000 but you are unable to operate it. After making their purchase of an SUV on the internet, a military family is facing this level of frustration.

Duty in active duty a member of the Navy with a busy family that includes three small children The second-hand Tahoe that Colt Wettstein and his wife currently have is parked in their driveway.

According to Wettstein, “so we’re actually forced to borrow a car from my mother-in-law, and unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough seats to transport the entire family.”

The Wettstein family purchased a 2015 Tahoe from Carvana that had 60,000 miles on it in the middle of April. However, because the online dealer has not yet delivered the title, the sport utility vehicle has been operating without a license for 144 days.

“Finally, I’m told that I’ve been escalated to the executive level for the non-drivable task force; nevertheless, all they do is repeat, ‘hey, we recommend hiring an Uber; park your vehicle; and wait till they locate the title,'” said Wettstein.

Colt has lost more than one in transit, and after an Arizona in-transit expired, he received another one from Georgia, but that one has also expired, so the family is reluctant to drive their $41,000 Tahoe. Colt has peeled away more than one in transit.

The fact that an unregistered vehicle cannot be insured is not the sole cause for concern.

According to Wettstein, “We get pulled over, the car gets towed, and we are not able to get it back from the tow company until we can prove that we are registered.”

Treasurer Trace Jones of Sarpy County suggests that a letter of explanation written on his letterhead could be the solution to the problem of driving the unregistered Tahoe.

According to Jones, “There is no assurance that if they are pulled over by law authorities, they won’t be cited. However, at the very least, it can help describe the situation and hopefully help them catch a break.”

The treasurer has followed the trail of the title all the way to New York, where a copy of the title for the Tahoe has been issued.

“It shouldn’t take this long at any point. This cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. It should never take longer than that, as they only give temporary tags or dealer tags for a period of thirty days. But accidents can happen, and that has occurred quite frequently with the online purchases of automobiles,” added Jones.

Colt says that on his days off he will spend his time monitoring Carvana’s mail, which has only given him frustrating surprises up to this point.

“We were sent the necessary documentation to register a Subaru Wrx on behalf of a gentleman who resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. According to Wettstein, “I’ve been acquiring documents for other individuals and they’ve been providing my documents to other people.”

When Colt purchased the Tahoe with the low mileage, he didn’t anticipate it to continue that way because of a delay in the title that has now lasted for five months and is still ongoing.

Following the buyer’s interaction with Carvana, the internet dealer reached out to them by phone to express their regret. He claims that the company has offered to take back the SUV and provide a complete refund, including any loan payments that have already been made, in the event that the title is not supplied quickly.

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