Nebraska couple explains how their Fort Mayers-based restaurant was completely destroyed

FORT MYERS BEACH, Florida – A couple from Nebraska who relocated their restaurant from Waterloo to Fort Myers is gradually cleaning up the pieces.

Tj Holzapfel released updated photographs of the former location of his eatery Rude Shrimp.

Now, nothing remains but rubble.

Tj described what the destruction looked like.

Tj stated, “The road is between three and six feet of sand, therefore an SUV or four-wheel drive vehicle is required to traverse it.” “Therefore, for those who do not comprehend, it would be as if the Las Vegas Strip were covered in sand and all of the casinos had disappeared.”

We appreciate the support from Nebraska, but we’re just pleased to be at a place with electricity and a shower.

In March, Tj and his wife Lisa Lahners opened the eatery. They claim they are drawing strength from their Nebraska roots.

The couple states that they intend to rebuild their restaurant and residence.

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