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Nebraska could continue to push for the constitutional convention beyond 2027

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) — Nebraska is among states calling for a States Convention, which would propose and consider changes to the Constitution.

And some lawmakers want to make sure Nebraska remains part of that group.

So far, 19 States have acceded to this States Convention. But they need 34 to make it happen.

Last year, lawmakers passed an amendment that says if there aren’t 34 states by 2027, Nebraska will drop out.

But on Thursday some senators proposed eliminating that time frame.

A committee heard from both supporters and opponents of the convention.

“The States Convention is a constitutional tool provided by our founders to empower the American people to hold our government accountable,” said Steven Steikuehle, a Nebraska States Convention Volunteer, in support of the bill.

Those in opposition say it would damage voter rights.

“We are concerned that LR 31 has the potential to fundamentally change the Constitution without the empowerment of ordinary people that these changes could affect,” Arlo Hettle said with the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table.

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