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Nebraska company buys Conestoga mall

GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska (Nebraska) – Deal closed.

Woodsonia Real Estate of Elkhorn closed the deal to buy the Conestoga Mall in north Grand Island on Friday, said Hall County regional planning director Chub Nabiti.

Woodsonia bought the mall from New York-based Namdar Realty Group, the former owners of the Imperial Mall in Hastings.

Elkhorn plans to renovate the mall and rename it Conestoga Marketplace.

They are planning a more than $200 million redevelopment of the area, with plans to make the shops face the outside, improve food and entertainment on site, and add a hotel and lodging.

Woodsonia has been working with the city for several months now, including getting plans through the planning commission and council for their proposed project.

Visualization of proposed plans for the area where the Conestoga shopping center on Grand Island is located (Woodsonia acquisition).

Chad Nabiti said he was thrilled that the property was in the hands of a developer who looks after the mall’s future.

“It was a great relief that we actually moved this property from a mall owner who has the experience of letting malls really fall apart and handed it over to someone who has some plans to redecorate it,” Nabiti said.

The Grand Island Area Chamber of Commerce is also excited about what the future of the Conestoga Mall property could be.

“It’s really great to have someone at the local level who is willing to jump in and lead the way to really help Grand Island grow,” said Courtney Glock, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce. “This project will be pivotal in creating new opportunities for the services and industries that we already have, in expanding some of those offerings, and in opening up new opportunities.”

Local4 is working on getting more details about the project, including an anchor store, and when the project will go live.

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