Nearly half of Lincoln Police Department female employees have experienced discrimination, recent survey shows

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and other city officials released the results of an assessment of the Lincoln Police Department’s workplace on Thursday.

Employees of the female gender were questioned if they had experienced sex discrimination.

47% of the 34 LPD women who participated in the poll claimed they had, while 53% stated they had not. 26 women did not respond to the question.

Former LPD employees have filed a number of lawsuits against the department, alleging sexual assault and harassment.

The evaluation was initiated by 21st Century Policing Solutions in February 2021 and included discussion groups and anonymous departmental surveys.

The director of human resources for Lincoln-Lancaster County, Barb McIntyre, stated that this assessment allowed employees to have their concerns heard.

McIntyre stated, “Workplace safety is a top issue, and we take these circumstances extremely seriously.” Our staff are able to bring up sensitive issues in a safe environment, ensuring that our leadership receives honest and, at times, challenging input.

Chief Teresa Ewins, who was appointed in August 2021, stated that she is aware of the issues.

“I understand the criticisms; I understand the ongoing feedback from our members,” she stated. This not only verifies what we were feeling, but also adds new perspectives to the discourse.

According to 21st Century Policing Solutions officials, there were also problems regarding recruiting and turnover rate, work-life balance issues, low morale, and allegations of injustice and a lack of transparency when considering promotions.

Ewins stated that the police department will modify its selection procedure for specialized units to increase transparency and prevent partiality in response to the promotion allegation.

The mayor lauded the police department’s efforts over the past few years to reduce crime in Lincoln, and she stated that this study should serve as a foundation for future enhancements.

She stated, “I’m quite delighted with what this report provides us since it was fashioned, affected, and informed by the actual experiences of department employees.” They provided us with recommendations that should result in systemic improvements to our workplace operations.

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