Nearly $500 million worth of illegal narcotic were offloaded in Miami on Thursday, local authorities claim

Miami, Florida – Thursday was the day that the crew of the USCGC Legare unloaded an illegal drug that had a value of approximately $475 million dollars at the base in Miami Beach.

According to the organization, teams from the United States Coast Guard and partner agencies from the Netherlands were able to seize about 24,700 pounds of cocaine and 3,892 pounds of marijuana in the Caribbean Sea.

“I am proud of the crew’s ongoing devotion to duty that made this unload possible,” stated Cdr. Jeremy M. Greenwood, the commanding officer of the Legare. “It is because of this crew that we are able to continue our mission.” “Through the combined efforts of the sailors of the Legare, the LEDETs, the HNLMS Groningen, the CGC James, and the USS Billings, we were able to make a substantial contribution to the goal of countering the distribution of illegal drugs and dismantling transnational criminal organizations. Because of the concerted effort that has been put in, there will be a marked reduction in the number of fatal overdoses caused by drugs.

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