NDOT is widening six miles of road on Highway 34 between Plattsmouth and Murray


MURRAY , Nebraska – Recent travelers on Highway 34 between Plattsmouth and Murray have observed construction.

The NDOT is enlarging six kilometers of roadway. In addition, they propose constructing a sort of crossroads just outside Murray that most Nebraskans are likely unfamiliar with.

Last year, NDOT released a video when they erected the first R-CUT in Humphry. Instead of performing left turns or crossing traffic, automobiles are required to perform U-turns at a designated location.

George Blessing is a member of the Murray Village Board, and he reports that rush-hour congestion at the crossing was already severe before the construction began.

“This is one of the key issues, according to Blessing. The location is frequented by numerous green trucks and rock trucks traveling down Highway 1 from the West.

Despite this, according to Blessings, many Murray locals do not want the R-CUT. They believe it will create confusion and would prefer that NDOT install a traffic light at the four-way intersection.

Blessing stated, “The local populace lacks enthusiasm.”

In the past six years, the intersection has been the site of around twenty accidents, according to Cass County data.

Amanda Anderson, a resident of Murray, stated that the volume of traffic can be stressful for student drivers.

Anderson stated, “I’m glad they’re taking additional measures to make it slightly safer for the students, but I’m not sure how.”

Therefore, she is leaning towards the R-CUT rather than the red light.

“They just have to observe one direction of traffic before making their turn,” Anderson said. “Many folks won’t see that if they’re not paying attention.”

Blessing and Anderson are hoping that the county will make a decision that will keep the community safer.

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