NBA star bled his six-year-old son in the head

Another mega scandal shakes the strongest basketball league in the world – the NBA. This time the focus is on the center of the Sacramento Kings, Rishon Holmes, who is facing charges of domestic violence, and the club suspended him until the end of the competition season.

Namely, his ex-wife claims that he beat her and her six-year-old son on February 6. The case was not released to the public until mid-March, with US media claiming that Rishon and his wife Alicia were fighting for custody of the child. However, the ex-wife accused the basketball player of domestic violence, stating that he hit his son in the head, which caused bleeding.

Rishon Holmes responded to the allegations via Twitter, but quickly withdrew all tweets. However, the media successfully recorded them.

  • I never respond to accusations, but when it comes to my son, I have to speak up. You have to be the devil to believe that story… My heart beats for my son. I live this life to see him happy and I would never raise my hand to hurt him. My son adores me and I adore him. The connection we share is the biggest I have ever experienced. To hear my name tarnished on his account, I draw the line! You can think of me whatever you want. I personally do not care. But I live for my son. I am his protector and I take this matter more seriously than anyone else. I would never hurt him. Never. “He is the best thing that ever happened to me,” Holmes wrote.

Alvin Gentry, the interim coach of the Sacramento Kings, said that he was informed about the whole case, but did not want to comment on that occasion. On the other hand, the lawyer representing the basketball players pointed out that this accusation is an attempt of Rishon’s ex-wife to get custody of her son.

The two have been divorced since 2019, and Alicia Holmes has banned Rishon from approaching their son, so he will have to stay away from him until March 30, when he will appear before a judge.

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