National Day of Caregivers: What to do if a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Bruce Willis’ announcement of frontotemporal dementia highlights the disease and the critical role of caregivers on this National Caregiver Day.

The director of neuropsychology at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, Dr. Travis Groft, said frontotemporal dementia, especially the behavioral variant, can cause personality changes and even sometimes embarrassing social behavior. As a result, this can be a very isolating experience for a person with dementia and their family members.

In the US, six million people have been diagnosed with dementia and 11 million people are caring for them. Many of these people are not paid.

3 News Now spoke with Jessica Duncan of the Alzheimer’s Association about how best to support people who care about others.

“Caregiver suggestion number one: “Is there anything in particular you need?” If they say no, suggesting something you are willing to do. And number three, knowing that it might not be the answer now, but keep checking them,” she said.

For all guardians, ; a change of scenery or just stepping back for a moment can help you regroup.

They recommend taking the time to sit still and focus on relieving muscle tension. And, of course, ask for help. It may be better for your loved one and yourself.


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