NASA has delayed the Artemis 1 launch for the third time

NASA has delayed the launch of Artemis 1 to the moon for the third time. The schedule of the program is in jeopardy – the rocket will return to the “garage”

The justification is that the Florida region is expected to be hit by Hurricane Ian in the next few hours.

It is the third time the launch has been canceled, jeopardizing the overall mission schedule, program officials said.

Now, the rocket will be moved back to its base and it is not clear when the new launch date will be set, after the third failed attempt.

A possible date for the moon mission was October 4, but returning the rocket to the “garage” would take several days and a similar period, conditions permitting, would be required to return to the launch pad.

ARTEMIS 1 is the first phase of the plan to return humans to the Moon after 1972.

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