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Mysterious camper under Omaha bridge appears in new spot

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A new twist to a bizarre mystery first reported by 6 On Your Side.

A large camper trailer found illegally dumped in one spot has turned up in another.

Earlier this month an abandoned camper was found under the bridge at 168th Street near West Dodge.

A no-dumping sign is the only marking for the maintenance road that leads there.

Neighbors have seen and heard an increase in suspicious activity.

“It’s not safe and now I see a lot of garbage being thrown out by the road there too,” said neighbor Geri Whitmarsh.

The camper became a metal canvas for graffiti artists and then it disappeared.

It was found abandoned again in a parking lot near 84th and F and the property owner knows nothing about this camper.

The trashed camper is about 50 feet long, partially repainted, and was illegally dumped in a business parking lot several days ago.

It was purchased for $3 just down the street at an Omaha Police impound lot auction last December. But the camper trailer is still titled to the city of Omaha.

“It’s not the city’s responsibility whatsoever,” said impound lot manager Reggier Johnson. “Once we sell that vehicle at auction it’s their responsibility to get it registered and insured. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that people will purchase not only campers, and don’t put them in their name for whatever reason.”

The buyer hasn’t been cited. He tells 6 News he didn’t have the equipment to move the camper with axle issues from the impound lot parking lot, so he asked an acquaintance to take it off his hands.

”I’m going to call him and tell him he better go get it wherever he put it and dispose of it properly,” the buyer said.

Though purchased at auction late last year, earlier this month, it was found trashed and illegally parked under a busy bridge. The trailer left there long enough for a graffiti makeover.

Then recently someone painted over the graffiti, moved, and abandoned the camper in the parking lot where an unsuspecting business owner wants it gone. A well-traveled trailer the impound lot manager suspects will go full circle.

“It will probably end up being back here, unlicensed on the street unregistered and we get it back and find it’s still in our name,” Johnson said.

The owner of the business lot who declined an interview says scrap haulers want $400 or more to take away the abandoned trailer. Since it’s on private property, the removal of the camper is his responsibility.

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