“My heart was broken a thousand times last year”, Alec Baldwin shares how he feels since the tragedy last year

This year was not easy for Alec Baldwin, but despite that he managed to find a reason for happiness.

The actor Alec Baldwin thanked his family for keeping him alive for the past year after the accidental shooting on the set of the film “Rust” in October 2021.

Alec once again became a father since he got it the seventh child with Hilary Baldwin last week, and this led him to share an emotional text with followers in which he describes the feelings that have followed him for the past year.

“My heart was broken a thousand times last year and things in my life may never be the same.” Many changes are coming, but my family keeps me alive. They are my reason for living”the actor wrote.

Alec may soon face criminal charges for the accidental killing on set when he fired the gun that was not supposed to contain ammunition, where he died on the spot Halyn Hutchins, who was a photographer. The family of the deceased woman filed a lawsuit against Alec two months later.

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