Musk launches a perfume, earns a million dollars in a few hours

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is launching a perfume called Burnt Hair. He says that in just a few hours, 10,000 bottles were sold, and the earnings from the sold fragrances now amount to a million dollars.

“Working with perfumes was inevitable, given my name recognition. Why have I even been against it all this time,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

On his website it is written that the perfume costs 100 dollars, and the delivery for those interested should start from the first quarter of 2023. Musk has invested in various businesses before.

Thus, in 2020, it launched a premium tequila brand Tesla, priced at $250. In July, it sold a limited edition pair of red shorts for $70.

Musk also has big ambitions, from settling Mars to creating new sustainable energy sources. As part of that process, he is the owner of several companies, including the Boring Company, Tesla and SpaceX.

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