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Multiple Nebraska state agencies are working with the federal agencies investigating Nebraska county road bridge explosion earlier this month

Sounders County, Nebraska – Multiple Nebraska state agencies are conducting an investigation with several federal agencies about the incident that took place in Sounders County earlier this month when a bridge destroyed with explosion.

According to multiple reports, the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the February 1 incident with the FBI, ATF and Nebraska State Fire Marshalls.

That investigation should reveal what had happened that day when a bridge over the Wahoo Creek was completely destroyed after someone for some reason placed an explosion, an information that has been confirmed by the Sheriff’s Office.

“The explosive was detonated,” the report states. “The bridge sustained approximately $500 in damages.”

As a result of the explosion, a property that was closed to the bridge was completely damaged due to the fire that happened because of the explosion.

In addition to the ongoing multi-agency investigation, there is a $3,500 reward offered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for any valuable information that might lead to the ones responsible for the incident.

Those wishing to provide information should do by calling Crime Stoppers at 402-443-8181 or submitting a tip online Information can be submitted anonymously.

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