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More than 800 new Covid-19 cases have been reported on Monday in Douglas County since Thursday; at-home tests not included in the data

Douglas County, Nebraska – The number of Covid-19 cases in Douglas County has increased as the health department is urging residents to get vaccinated and maintain their booster shots.

Dr. Lindsay Huse, director of health, said in a press statement that the COVID-19 vaccination had significantly mitigated the virus’s most severe impacts, including severe illness and death. “Being up-to-date on boosters reduces the likelihood of missing work or school, as well as the likelihood of other unforeseen issues.”

The DCHD has scheduled two immunization clinics over the next two days.

Health Department, 1111 S. 41st St., on Tuesday. Noon–6:30 p.m. All immunizations – all ages.
Clair Memorial United Methodist Church, 5544 Ames Avenue, on Wednesdays. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. With Pfizer and Moderna, the minimum age requirement is five years old.

Appointments are necessary for children ages 6 months to 5 years. To make an appointment, please visit www.douglascountyhealth.com or click on “COVID-19 Vaccination Sites.”

Monday, the Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) announced that since Thursday, 810 additional positive COVID-19 tests had been received. Since March 2020, the number of positive cases has risen to 159,511. The reported case statistics do not include at-home tests. The Douglas County health department continues to encourage residents to report their at-home test results since they are reviewed by health officials.

Since Thursday, the health department has received two further death certificates relating to COVID-19. Two women above the age of 75 have passed away. One was immunized, whereas the other was not. Currently, there have been 1,138 COVID-19-related deaths in Douglas County during the epidemic.

The Omaha Metropolitan Healthcare Coalition, which includes Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders, Dodge, and Washington counties in Nebraska as well as hospitals in Council Bluffs and Missouri Valley, Iowa, provides the Douglas County Health Department with updated COVID-19 case counts and a hospital occupancy report every Monday and Thursday. Unless otherwise specified, the aggregate numbers include both COVID-19 patients and hospitalized patients for all other illnesses and injuries.

Sunday DCHD got the most recent local hospital information from the healthcare coalition.

There were 117 COVID-19-related hospitalizations, including five pediatric cases.
Thirteen adults were receiving care at the ICU level.
Three individuals with confirmed or probable COVID-19 were on ventilators.
86 percent of medical and surgical beds were occupied, leaving 183 staffed beds available.
91 percent of adult ICU beds were occupied, leaving 26 staffed beds available.
The number of beds in the pediatric ICU was at 90 percent capacity, with 13 beds available.
No other COVID-19 individuals of interest were awaiting test results.

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