More than 50,000 migrants crossed only the Texas-based Del Rio Sector in August, U.S. Customs and Border Protection data shows

According to a source within the United States Customs and Border Protection, during the month of August, agents were able to detain more over 52,000 migrants who had unlawfully crossed the border from Mexico into the Texas-based Del Rio Sector. In what has become the busiest Border Patrol sector in the nation, this is an increase over the record-setting number of apprehensions that was set in the previous month of July.

Breitbart Texas was informed by a source working under the CBP umbrella that throughout the month of August, border patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector detained an average of over 1,700 migrants per day. Because of this, the total number of migrants who were apprehended in this sector rose from 50,000 in July to more than 52,000 in August, representing an increase of 4%.

Agents from the Del Rio Sector detained 32,362 migrants in the month of August 2021. This number included more than 18,000 people traveling alone, 13,000 children traveling without an adult, and 800 family units. The number of people apprehended in August 2022 is approximately 63 percent higher than the number apprehended during the same month in 2021.

During the month of August, hundreds of migrants lost their lives while attempting to make the perilous journey across the Rio Grande into Texas through Eagle Pass and Del Rio.

According to Breitbart Texas, towards the end of August, a young boy who was three years old and his younger brother, who was only three months old, passed away after being washed away from his parents while they were attempting to cross a river close to Eagle Pass.

Following claims from Del Rio Sector officials of six more drowning deaths within a five-day period ending on August 20, Breitbart Texas reported that the death of the toddler and the near-drowning of the infant came after it was claimed that the toddler had drowned. According to agents who spoke to Breitbart, they are witnessing death rates that are higher than one per day for extended periods of time.

According to Breitbart, a local funeral parlor has stopped taking migrant remains because of the high number of migrants who pass away either while crossing the border near Eagle Pass or shortly after crossing the border in the vicinity of Eagle Pass.

Heavy patrols of the Rio Grande have been initiated by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard in response to an increase in the number of migrants crossing the border and deaths that have occurred in the Eagle Pass region.

On both sides of the Rio Grande, there were a large number of troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and soldiers from the Texas Army National Guard stationed in the area. Simultaneously, troops in patrol boats spanned the Rio Grande with the hope of diverting migrants away from the city they were trying to reach. Even if only temporarily, the display of force gave the appearance of driving the larger migrant groups away.

Overcrowding in immigration detention centers was another consequence of the large number of migrants that crossed the border into the Del Rio Sector. Because of this, border security field operations had to be temporarily suspended on occasion, and authorities with the Border Patrol had to pull agents off the line in order to make the processing, caring for, and transportation of migrants a priority.

During his weekend summary report the following week, Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agents Jason D. Owens appeared to comment to this article addressing the shutdowns.

“When we have the large number of people in custody that puts us over our established capacity, we do have to temporarily collapse down some operations in order to decompress what we’re holding in custody,” stated Owens. “When we have the large number of people in custody that puts us over our established capacity, we do have to collapse down some operations.”

This also removes agents from the border who could help prevent migrants from drowning in the Rio Grande or aid in the prompt recovery of the bodies of migrants who have perished in the river.

On September 1, nine further migrants lost their lives when they attempted to cross the rain-swollen Rio Grande as a huge group of more than 50 people. According to the migrants, many were carried away by the current.

According to the individual who spoke with Breitbart, the large number of illegal border crossings into the Del Rio Sector appeared to be continuing in September.

As an illustration, on Saturday morning, border patrol authorities at Eagle Pass detained a large group of around 300 migrants as they crossed the border.

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