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More than 50 families got together in Elkhorn Park Pavilion Sunday afternoon for a NICU reunion

ELKHORN, Nebraska – A family reunion was held in Elkhorn on Sunday afternoon, and it was attended by almost 50 families.

They came here to visit one another, but also to talk to the people who had been looking after them over the previous many weeks, and in some cases, months.

The Elkhorn Park Pavilion plays host to a broad variety of events, each of which stands in stark contrast to the others.

A party to celebrate someone turning ninety was held in one of the corners.

On the opposite side was a get-together for some of the newborns in Omaha who had the tiniest of heads.

In order to take part in the Methodist Women’s Hospital NICU reunion, one family traveled all the way there from their home in Kearney.

“They taught us so much in the initial stages of how to be a parent, and just the care they showed for our boys was tremendous,” said Kate Giener of Kearney.

In point of fact, their sons wound up befriending the Sawaged quadruplets who were born around the same time last year.

On Sunday afternoon, they were two of the 22 sets of multiples that were playing in the park.

In the most recent handful of years, COVID has decided to discontinue holding these get-togethers. Due to the fact that they were born at such an early age, several of the children had difficulties following their parents home.

Nathan Teply is the only one of these people who can compete with him in terms of his birth size.

“He was under a pound,” said Mary Teply of Papillion.

In December of 2015, Nathan Teply made his debut into the world. He arrived 16 weeks before his due date.

The most impressive thing about him, though, is his little stature. He didn’t even make it to the pound mark, coming in at a precise 14.99 ounces.

Mary, Nathan’s mother, adds that her son enjoys going to school, playing T-ball, collecting hot wheels, and wearing his sneakers.

At this reunion, the Papillion family will have the opportunity to catch up with some of the physicians, nurses, and other members of the medical staff who were there throughout their loved one’s 307-day stay in the hospital.

“We love catching up with them and showing how he’s grown,” Mary said.

Additionally, he is maturing. The individual who weighs less than a pound now tips the scale at 43 pounds.

Everyone in this room has a story to tell about prevailing against the odds.

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