More than 200 Roman ducats found in cave in Spain, archeologists say this is significant discovery

A hungry badger discovered the largest collection of Roman coins ever in the history of Spain while searching for food.

Researchers are convinced that a badger that was desperately looking for food led to the discovery of a hidden treasury of 209 Roman ducats in a cave near the town of Grado in the region of Asturias in northern Spain, according to “Mirror”.

Archaeologists hailed the discovery, saying it was “exceptional because coins from the third to fifth centuries AD have been found.”

Roman coins were found just a few meters from the badger a few months after the great snowstorm “Philomena”, which brought huge amounts of snow in some parts of Spain and a temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius.

“Researchers believe that the snow forced the badger to dig for food near its lair and that instead of food it found a hidden vault of Roman coins minted in Constantinople and Thessaloniki,” archaeologist Alfonso Fangul Peraza told the Spanish daily El Paonis. “.

Most of the coins found are made of copper and bronze, and it is believed that the largest coin weighing more than eight grams with about four percent silver was minted in London.

“To date, this is the largest hoard of Roman coins found in a cave in northern Spain,” the researchers confirmed in a recent report.

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