More than 100 families in Bellevue received a donation just ahead of Christmas

BELLEVUE, Nebraska — On the evening before Christmas, everyone watches the door and waits for the “big guy in red” to deliver the children’s gifts.

On Monday, though, it was a small group of people wearing blue that helped provide holiday pleasure to hundreds of families in the Bellevue area.

Roger Cox, who works for the Bellevue Police Department, explained that the event is given the name Holiday Heroes because it brings together members of the police department and the fire department to go shopping with children.

If there weren’t any presents beneath the tree, Christmas just wouldn’t seem right, and that’s where Holiday Heroes comes in.

The initiative offers financially disadvantaged families with a gift card worth $100 for each child in the household. This is done to ensure that the children have everything they require to experience a joyful Christmas.

“I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. It makes me want to cry for some reason. Joan, a grandmother whose family took part in Holiday Heroes, stated that it would be the first time in around five years that the event had been held.

This year’s Holiday Heroes program assisted a total of 120 families, including Joan, her son, and her three grandchildren; their names are Jadyn, Vincent, and Autumn.

The year 2022 will be difficult for Joan due to her health issues, and she will have a difficult time Christmas shopping as a result.

“It’s wonderful to know that people are willing to help when it’s needed. Due to the circumstances surrounding me, it will be the first time that these children are able to go through something like this, Joan explained.

Because of the assistance provided by the Holiday Heroes A new art supply for Vincent, some new toys for Jadyn, and a new Care Bear for Autumn were all on the shopping list.

But Joan believes that the most valuable thing her children took away from the experience was a lesson in generosity.

“It’s incredible, and because of that, when they are older I want to educate them how to give back to the community. Just keep giving, it’s not all about get, get get. “It’s not just about receiving,” Joan said.

Although the Bellevue Police Department and the Bellevue Fire Department were the public faces of the project, the actual fundraising for Holiday Heroes was a community-wide endeavor.

According to Joan, the fact that they are a part of this community is what is helping to keep the Christmas spirit alive in their home this year.

“Knowing that it’s not just me who is struggling, that there are people out there who will assist me help them give them the best, and that it’s not just me who is going through this.” “So that they can mature into young adults and start moving forward to make the world a better place,” Joan explained. “I want them to have that opportunity.”

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