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Monster father Michael Valva’s ex-fiancee testifies she was ‘comfortable’ while autistic boy froze to death

The ex-fiancée of former homicidal cop Michael Valva shocked jurors at her Long Island trial Wednesday when she said it was “a little cold” — but she was “comfortable” — on the morning that Valva’s 8-year-old autistic son frozen to death. in their garage.

The jurors gasped, and one of them said a quiet “Oh my God” after Angela Pollina made a statement during cross-examination by Assistant District Attorney Kerrianne Kelly in Suffolk County Court.

The prosecutor also showed videos of little Tomas Valva and his 10-year-old brother Anthony shivering on the cement floor of the garage because Pollina had demanded weeks earlier that her then beau remove all amenities from the area.

In one video, recorded on January 5, 2020, less than two weeks before Thomas died, a boy pulled a dirty towel from a laundry basket in a pathetic attempt to keep warm.

Later, Pollina sent a video to Valva and said: “That son of a bitch Thomas went to the laundry basket to get a dirty towel. Watch how he sneaks.”

Valva answered her and asked her to leave the boys alone.

Monster father Michael Valva’s ex-fiancee testifies she was ‘comfortable’ while autistic boy froze to death
Angela Pollina shocked jurors and court monitors by confessing to her mistreatment of Thomas and his brother.

Kelly submitted other text messages that highlighted Pollina’s cruelty towards the two boys.

In one of them, dated February 27, 2019, Pollina ordered Valva to wash her son in the yard.

“No bathroom! If you want to wash them, do it in the backyard!” she said, before adding that she was taking the boy’s mattress.

“It was a tough environment,” the ruthless Pollina, who defended and argued throughout the hearing, told jurors. “I believe they had behavior problems.”

Forensic evidence showing text messages exchanged between Michael Valva and Angela Pollina was presented during Pollina's trial on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, at Suffolk County Court in Riverhead.
The text messages between Pollina and Valva highlighted the depth of the couple’s child abuse.
Pool photo / Osvaldo Jimenez, Newsday

When Valva, who was convicted in December of killing his son and sentenced to 25 years to life, told her that he no longer wanted the boys expelled, she told him that he “used [Thomas’s] autism as an excuse.”

“Try whatever you want, but he will not return to this house,” she wrote.

Trial observers and jurors gasped, shook their heads and whispered, “Jesus Christ,” as Pollina, 45, went on to detail the horror house she helped create at 11 Bittersweet Lane at the Moriches Center in early 2020.

One of the jurors wiped away tears, while others covered their faces with their hands throughout the entire cross-examination.

Michael Valva, Angela Pollina and their children.
Thomas in the green shirt died on January 17, 2020 after being locked in a cold garage for 16 hours.

It was the second day of Pollina’s stunning testimony, who on Tuesday admitted to treating the boys “evil” and “terrible.” She also admitted to putting the boys in the garage the night before Thomas died of hypothermia.

And she said she tried to remove the security footage of the incident to protect herself and Michael.

Pollina, who has been charged with second-degree murder and endangering children, is expected to testify again on Thursday before the jury moves into deliberation.

Prosecutors told jurors early in Pollina’s trial that she was just as guilty of Thomas’ death as his father, a 43-year-old disgraced former NYPD member.

Authorities said Thomas died on January 17, 2020 from hypothermia after being locked in a garage for 16 hours in freezing temperatures. Paramedics who testified during Valva’s trial said the abused child was probably already dead when they arrived.

Angela Pollina speaks for the second day in the courtroom of Judge Tim Mazzei at Suffolk District Court in Riverhead on Wednesday 8 March 2023.
Previously, Pollina admitted that she treated children terribly.

Earlier in court, a witness testified that Pollina swore and yelled at the boy, and the couple mocked his autism.

On Wednesday, Kelly also played footage from the Nest security camera network that Pollina had installed showing her scolding Thomas’ brother Anthony and forcing him to put socks on his hands because she didn’t want to get his germs after he poked hands in pants.

Kelly asked if Pollina thought the boy was just trying to keep warm in the cold garage. Or that he was uncomfortable because Pollina made him wear diapers instead of using the toilet in the house.

“It was inappropriate!” Pollina said.

Angela Pollina is taken out of the building by the police.
Pollina allegedly watched the children through the Nest surveillance system and scolded them from home.
New York Post

Kelly also read text messages in which Pollina informed Valva that she was sending his children to school without breakfast.

“I don’t feed anyone!” Pollina allegedly wrote a text message. “I take care of my fucking kids, that’s all. Your kids better not tell my name to any fucking teacher again!

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