Monica Bellucci’s ex-husband is enjoying his free time with his 30 years younger wife in Brazil, photo news

Famous actor Vincent Cassel, even after his marriage to the woman who is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world, has married a 30-year-old model that we know little about, but what is certain is that wherever she appears, everyone sighs.

The warm and dry beaches of Rio de Janeiro are certainly more beautiful than the dark and cold clouds over Europe. Attractive model Tina Kunaki (24) is spending her vacation in Brazil with her husband, French actor Vincent Cassel (55).

The actor started a relationship with Tina after his divorce from Monica Bellucci, and together they have a daughter Amazon, born in 2019.

In addition to swimming in the sea and relaxing on the sand, the couple exchanged several passionate kisses and hugs. Tina was wearing a tight white bikini, while Vincent was wearing a yellow bathing suit.

Interestingly, Tina, like Monica, has Italian roots and comes from the African country of Togo to a Moroccan father and a Sicilian mother. With Vinsan in Brazil, where she can often be seen on the beach, and Tina usually steals all her attention.

Tina claims that she had no idea who Vincent was when they met, and she only realized how popular he was when the paparazzi started following them.

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