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Monday night shooting in Omaha that stemmed from drug deal was fatal for one person, one suspect arrested, police

GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska – As a result of an event that occurred late on Monday night, one teenager from Grand Island is currently in critical condition at a hospital in Omaha, while another teenager is currently facing multiple felony charges in Hall County Court.

The charges against Jonathan Mejia-Cota, 17, include possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute while also being in possession of a firearm, tampering with evidence, unlawful transfer of a firearm to a juvenile, possession of a defaced firearm, and a charge of driving under suspension, which is a misdemeanor. Mejia-Cota is also facing a charge of driving under suspension, which is a misdemeanor.

These accusations are all related to a gunshot that occurred late on Sunday night in the parking lot of Super Saver, which is situated at 710 W State St.

According to the Grand Island Police Department, two teenagers aged 17 traveled to the Super Saver parking lot with the intention of engaging in a drug transaction there. More specifically, they intended to sell marijuana just before midnight.

In response to reports of gunshots being heard inside the business, members of the GIPD were sent there. In the parking area, there were multiple 9mm shot casings that were found.

After some time had passed, a young man of 17 years old presented himself in the emergency room of CHI Health St. Francis suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Meija-Cota allegedly hurried the victim to the hospital before fleeing the scene, as stated by Capt. Jim Duering.

The person was admitted to a hospital in Omaha on Monday morning and was classified in critical but stable condition at that time.

Mejia-Cota was discovered by the police when he was strolling about the 13th Street and Clark Street area. He allegedly confessed to the police that he and the victim had gone to the parking lot of the store to sell marijuana.

He had a firearm in his possession that had been altered in some way.

At some point, the marijuana buyers tried to rob him and a struggle erupted. During the altercation, one of the purchasers pulled out a revolver and shot the other youngster, according to what Meija-Cota said to the GIPD.

The individual who had been shot threw both the gun and the marijuana that he was carrying out of the car as they were driving to the emergency room. The things were subsequently found and retrieved by the police.

Mejia-Cota was arrested on all six charges after being brought to the Hall County Jail and being processed there.

Regarding the perpetrator of the shooting, there have been no arrests made. Despite this, the police claim they have a number of leads to follow up on and interviews that need to be conducted.

Capt. Duering informed the press that “we have an armed and dangerous suspect at large.” In addition to that, there is a fear for the general population, however it should be recognized that this incidence was not an isolated occurrence.

Get in touch with the GIPD at this number: 308-385-5400 if you have any information.

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