Monday night large house fire in Clatonia fatal for Nebraska woman

CLATONIA, Nebraska – An investigation has been started after the body of a lady was discovered on Monday inside of a house that had caught fire.

A significant house fire broke out late on Monday evening on the north side of Clatonia at the intersection of Jefferson and Oak Streets, and at least five volunteer fire units were dispatched to the scene.

When our reporter arrived at the scene just before midnight on Tuesday, he discovered that a significant portion of the exterior of a house had been severely damaged by fire.

At approximately midnight, according to the Clatonia Fire Chief, the blaze that had spread throughout a whole structure was brought under control, and the State Fire Marshal’s Office was conducting an investigation.

According to the Gage County Sheriff’s Office, the body of a lady was discovered inside the home as deputies were conducting a search of the property. Her name is being suppressed until it can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that she is the person in question.

According to the sheriff’s office, the inquiry will proceed as usual.

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