Monday night crash in Lincoln on N. 35th Street and Cornhusker Highway fatal for 29-year-old motorcyclist, ongoing investigation

LINCOLN, Nebraska – On Monday, a man in his twenties from Lincoln was killed in a collision that occurred near the intersection of N. 35th Street and Cornhusker Highway. The Lincoln Police Department is now investigating the incident.

At around 6:35 p.m., LPD received a report that a motorcycle was proceeding westbound on Cornhusker Highway and approaching N. 35th Street when the light at that intersection was green. At the junction of N. 35th Street and Cornhusker Highway, a vehicle traveling in the other direction was spotted using the left turn lane. A young woman from Lincoln, aged 18, was behind the wheel of the sedan when it made the left turn in front of the motorbike.

The motorcyclist did not survive the crash and died there. The investigation team is working on notifying his family at this time.

In order for the investigators working on the LPD Fatality Crash investigation to have uninterrupted access to the scene, the junction of N. 35th Street and Cornhusker Highway will be blocked for many hours.

At this moment, there have been no arrests made and no charges have been filed against anyone.

The Los Angeles Police Department has requested that residents avoid the area. Call the non-emergency number for the Lincoln Police Department, which is 402-441-6000, or the number for Crime Stoppers, which is 402-475-3600, if you have any more information, including video evidence.

This is the second fatal accident to occur on Cornhusker Highway in a span of fewer than seven days. After being engaged in a collision on Friday evening near 27th and Cornhusker, a second motorcyclist tragically passed away at a hospital in Lincoln.

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