Monday Forecast: Pleasant and Partly Cloudy for President’s Day

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) – A good February day is getting ready for President’s Day. In the western part of the state, there may be some scattered rain or snowstorms, but most of us will remain dry. The calm start to the week won’t last long as the changes kick in late Tuesday evening.

President’s Day will be a pretty good but windy February day! The sky will be partly or mostly sunny. In the afternoon, in the western and central regions, individual small showers, drizzle or snowstorms are possible, the rest of the territory will remain dry. The day will be windy, westerly wind 15-20 m/s, gusts up to 30 m/s are possible. However, a westerly breeze and some sun will help the high temperatures rise above average! Highs will reach the mid 40s to mid 50s across the region. This also means that the snow cover will continue to melt.

Monday High Temperatures (Nebraska)

Clouds will increase during the night and there will be a small chance of occasional showers or squalls. Low temperatures will drop to the mid and above 20s.

Tuesday Morning Lows (Nebraska)

Tuesday will be slightly cooler and partly cloudy. On Tuesday morning in the northern regions, intermittent rain with heavy snow or gusts of wind are possible. The next weather system then moves into the Panhandle and northwest on Tuesday evening, bringing rain and snow throughout the evening and eventually through the night. The wind will continue to blow at a speed of 15-20 m/s with gusts up to 30 m/s. High temperatures will be slightly lower, but still remain in the 40 to 50 degree range.

Tuesday High Temperatures (Nebraska)

If we look ahead from late Tuesday evening to Thursday evening: we are monitoring a possible winter storm that will pass through parts of the 1011 region and will likely bring significant snowfall to some areas. At this time, it seems that the most significant accumulation of snowfall may be in the Panhandle, in the northwest and along the northern border. During this time, parts of northern Nebraska will begin operating Winter Storm Watches from Tuesday evening through Thursday night (time varies by location). This system is still a few days away, so please stay tuned as we get closer and update the forecast.

Winter Storm Watch: Tuesday Night to Thursday Night (Nebraska) Snowfall potential shows the best chance of snow along the northern border and northwestern Nebraska. (Nebraska) Snowfall potential shows the best chance of snow along the northern border and in northwest Nebraska. (Nebraska)

After the temperature dropped sharply on Tuesday and became very cold on Thursday, thankfully the temperature will quickly recover by the weekend! The potential winter storm will last from Wednesday into Thursday and initially bring a chance of rain or a winter mixture, which will gradually turn to snow during the night hours and stop early Thursday morning. We’ll have another small chance of snow on Friday and then a chance of rain on Sunday. Most of the working week will be windy.

7 Day Forecast (Nebraska)

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