Mixed-use development in Elkhorn aims to address the affordable housing crisis in metro Omaha.

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — A construction site west of the Elkhorn neighborhood looks very typical at first glance, but Cassie Inness of Metonic Real Estate Solutions said it’s anything but typical.

“This is the first community of its kind that we have created,” she said.

A 15-acre project called Capriana Homes will bring mixed-use residential development to the area.

The work is currently in its early stages; on the south side there will be 149 apartment buildings, and on the north side there will be affordable houses built by Habitat for Humanity.

Eleven of these units will be built as part of the project, each valued at approximately $230,000. Apartments will be rented at the market price.

Inness said she chose Elkhorn because it has the highest-rated schools in the state.

“There are many low-income families who are unable to live in Elkhorn or send their children to the Elkhorn School District just because of the cost of housing in the area,” she said. “We thought it was really cool that we can provide 11 families with an opportunity that they may not have had before.”

Inness said the entire project would take two years to complete. Work on Habitat Homes should begin next spring.

She sees this as an ideal partnership that can reduce the current housing shortage.

“Even if it’s 11 houses at the same time, 11 houses are better than no houses.”

More information about Habitat for Humanity houses can be found on the website.


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