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Missing Ohio man’s car riddled with bullets found next to gruesome discovery

Mexican police said they found a car carrying a man from Ohio who traveled to Mexico shortly before Christmas, as well as several dead bodies.

A Mexican news station reported that the car that Jose Gutiérrez of Hamilton, Ohio and his fiancée Daniela Pichardo were driving was found with multiple bullet holes. VKPO-TV.

According to WXIX-TVGutierrez’s parents, who live in Mexico, will turn over DNA samples to authorities in an attempt to determine if the unidentified body found at the site belongs to their son.

According to the report, four bodies were found near where the car was found.

One of them was identified as Pichardo. The rest have been identified as Pichardo’s sister and cousin.

“All these days we just prayed and prayed that it wasn’t him, it wasn’t him, and if it is, we have to be ready,” said Miguel Gutiérrez, Jose’s brother.

Gutiérrez and three identified men disappeared after dinner at a restaurant in Zacatecas state on Christmas Day. WLWT.

There were no signs of them. was found until Wednesday, when the car and a nearby burial site were discovered.

Would you ever go to Mexico?

According to the WCPO, Pichardo’s mother became concerned when the four did not arrive after dinner at the scheduled time. She received an SMS with an address.

The station said police told family members that the area was too dangerous and prevented them from going to the designated location.

Brandi Gutierrez, Jose’s sister, said the family feared the worstconsidering what they learned about the night her brother went missing.

“The bars have really noticed the screams,” she said. WXIX-TV.

State Department advised not to travel Zacatecas.

“Violent crime, extortion and gang activity are widespread in the state of Zacatecas. US citizens and LPR [lawful permanent residents] became victims kidnapping“, the message says.

Gutiérrez received his Master of Architecture from the University of Miami and worked at Champlin Architecture in Cincinnati. WHIO-TV.

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