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Minnesota man arrested by Nebraska authorities south of the I-80 interchange at Aurora, the suspect possessed many guns

GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska – An individual from Minnesota who was suspected of making threats was taken into custody by the Nebraska State Patrol and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the release, Robert Jaeger, 43, of St. Paul was arrested for making threats of terrorism, violating a protection order, possessing a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, possessing methamphetamine, possessing a controlled substance, and possessing a firearm during a drug violation. Jaeger was also charged with violating a protection order by possessing a firearm during a drug violation.

On Tuesday evening, a tip was given to NSP troopers indicating that a person who would subsequently be identified as Jaeger posed an immediate threat to an ex-girlfriend. It has been stated that authorities made touch with her, and they assisted her in finding a secure location.

According to the announcement, law enforcement officers and deputies located him later that day south of the I-80 junction in Aurora, and they claim they observed him in possession of a large number of firearms.

As Jaeger attempted to flee the scene, state troopers used a tactical vehicle intervention to halt the truck he was driving, and Jaeger was subsequently brought into custody. They discovered a number of firearms, along with meth and tablets for banned substances.

Jaeger, according to the officials, was booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

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