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Millard North High School student brought loaded gun in campus, arrested

OMAHA, Nebraska – An anonymous Millard North North High School student was detained Tuesday after getting into a brawl off campus.

Principal Dr. Aaron Bearinger stated in a letter to parents on Wednesday that the incident occurred after school was dismissed on Tuesday.

An off-duty officer observed three students engaging in a brawl near the intersection of 144th and Pacific streets. According to the principal, the officer intervened and discovered a loaded firearm on one of the children.

Police apprehended the student and confiscated the firearm.

The principal stated that school administrators assumed the student had the firearm after school on school premises. The student was absent from school for a portion of the day, and it appeared the student did not possess the firearm until after school, while the matter was still under investigation.

Dr. Bearinger stated in his letter, “Safety is always our top priority, and we take it very seriously. We will never accept the presence of weapons on campus. In addition to police repercussions, we are enforcing our very clear rule of behavior in this situation.”

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