Miley Cyrus would almost be completely naked on stage (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus was left almost naked on stage when the only belt that kept her breasts covered was torn.

When she turned on the stage, the thin strap of her silver dress was torn, and Miley Cyrus immediately grabbed the front of the dress with her hands so as not to reveal her completely naked breasts.

He did it in a very professional way, so he did not stop singing at all as he walked towards the backstage holding his chest with one hand.

Her band and backing singers did their best to keep the audience entertained while Miley changed. When she returned to the stage, she was wearing a pink jacket.

Later, she jokingly sang the lyrics of the song “Now Everyone Definitely Sees Me”.

The blazer he wore was no less open than a silver T-shirt, because there was nothing under it. One reckless move was enough for everyone to see Miley’s breasts.

After the young singer’s performance, Pete Davidson took the stage, who before starting to perform added: “I heard that we would soon see the breasts, so as a sign of solidarity here are mine”, and then lifted the white T-shirt and showed his .

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