Midwest Rollers and Rebels Auto Club have started a GoFundMe to help Lincoln teens injured in Memorial Day cruise

LINCOLN, Nebraska – The 31st of May, 2022 was a pivotal day in Hannah Wadiso and Aaron Swanson’s life.

Wadiso explained what they were doing: “We were just looking at automobiles since I thought it would be a fun thing to do after my graduation party.”

When she and Swanson were watching the yearly “drive” from the grass outside Barnes & Noble around 52nd and O, 19-year-old Kyvell Stark, who police said was going 90 miles per hour down O street, hit a car. She and Swanson had been waiting there for a while. Wadiso and Swanson were both unable to free themselves after the collision, which resulted in the death of two ladies.

Swanson said that she did not recall really being struck at any point. “We do remember waking up after and feeling like we had been in a vehicle accident with on fire.”

The adolescents have come a very long way in only the past three months. Wadiso, who suffered a broken pelvis, is now able to walk with the use of a cane and drive. Swanson, who suffered from shattered ankles, is now getting around with the assistance of walking boots and a walker.

Wadiso stated, “I’ve been able to walk again, which is something I never imagined was possible for me.” “I never believed I’d be able to do this, but it’s feasible. I wouldn’t say it’s been simple, though.”

According to Swanson, the process of recovery has been gradual but consistent.

Swanson commented that “we’re quite close in our progress;” for example, “every time something changes for her, it’s pretty much changed for me about the same time which is lucky.”

Wadiso had intended to start college soon in order to pursue a profession in nursing or cosmetology, but those plans have been put on hold for the time being. It is no longer possible for Swanson, who is a senior in high school, to attend his usual classes. The only thing of value that they possess is one another.

“Knowing that they were there also makes it easier rather than it being the case that one of us is able to go out while the other is in the hospital,” Wadiso said. “It gives us something to relate to or you know when we’re feeling a certain way about the situation or thinking about it knowing they were there also makes it easier.”

The same community that supported them by coming out to O street that night is now banding together to assist them in continuing to go forward now that they are closer to being able to stand on their own two feet. The Midwest Rollers and the Rebels Auto Club are two of the car groups that have launched a GoFundMe page, are organizing a silent auction, and most importantly, are organizing a genuine cruise for Labor Day.

According to Todd Francisco, a member of the Midwest Rollers, “that is what we do as auto clubs, we help one other and we help others.”

Jim McNeil, a member of the Rebels Auto Club, stated that the club’s goal was to demonstrate to the community and the teenagers what cruising is all about.

“We’re going to observe the regulations, and we’re going to stop at the stoplight when it turns red,” he continued. “We’re going to go through town and show them how safe we are.”

They will begin with a car display at Detail Garage at 11 a.m., then reach ‘O’ street at 3:15 p.m., and finish with a car show supporting Swanson and Wadiso at SCCA Racing in Airpark with Wadiso and Swanson, riding in style. Swanson choose to go in a collectible Mustang, while Wadiso is keeping her fingers crossed for a Lamborghini.

“Something pink,” Swanson said.

Their objective is to generate funds in order to contribute toward paying the teenagers’ medical expenses. One of the GoFundMe campaigns has already brought in more than $5,000.

Francisco advised, “Just think about if this was your child and they were out there, it could have been anyone.” “So let’s simply give back.”

In order to pay tribute to Swanson and Wadiso, the local car clubs are conducting an investigation in the hopes of locating the individuals who assisted in their rescue by pulling the car off of them on that fateful night. They request that anybody who were present get in touch with them through the Midwest Rollers or Rebels Auto Club websites.

McNeil stated that the passengers would be overjoyed to visit the individuals in question and express their gratitude to them if it were possible to track them down and bring them to the port at the end of the voyage.

The adolescents expressed their gratitude and their hope that the recent events may relieve some of the tension that their parents are experiencing and assist them in mentally moving on as well.

“I think it would help us maybe transcend some of the fear of coming on ‘O’ Street and doing activities related with automobiles and car shows,” one of the members of the group said. Swanson stated. “Rather than what we went through, they are most certainly attempting to demonstrate to us the positive aspects of the auto industry and their love of cars.”

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