Midterms in Florida and New York: What we know so far?

Tuesday, Florida Democrats selected Rep. Charlie Crist, a former Republican and ex-governor of the state, to challenge powerful current Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in an effort to reclaim his former position. They also supported Rep. Val Demings’ November campaign against Sen. Marco Rubio.

And in one of New York’s most significant congressional primaries, for the 12th District, CBS News predicted that Representative Jerry Nadler will win the Democratic primary. The seat is secure for the Democrats, and the winner of the primary will undoubtedly be elected in November.

Upper West Side and Upper East Side were combined into a single congressional district, pitting Nadler and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, both with 30 years of experience in Congress, against one another.

In another district affected by redistricting, CBS News had not yet predicted a winner in New York’s 10th Congressional District as of early Wednesday morning. Dan Goldman, who served as a lawyer for the House Democrats during the impeachment of former President Donald Trump, and Yuh-Line Niou, a member of the New York state Assembly, led the crowd of candidates, which also included Rep. Mondaire Jones and City Council member Carlina Rivera.

CBS News estimates that Demings has secured the Democratic nomination for the Senate in Florida.

Demings, a former police chief who was mentioned as a potential vice-presidential candidate, has outraised Rubio by over $11 million and has spent $20 million more on commercials than Rubio.

Demings delivered a passionate but brief victory address in Orlando on Tuesday night, where she campaigned on promises to reduce the cost of health care, to defend Social Security and Medicare, abortion rights, voting rights, and gun violence.

“Tonight, we come looking forward,” she said. “It is about holding America to its promise.”

“I dream tonight of an America where every vote matters. My friend and former colleague John Lewis said that the right to vote is precious,” Demigs said. “That is almost sacred. And we have to do everything in our power to protect the right to vote, and when we protect the right to vote, we have to get out and exercise our right to vote. I believe and dream of that America.”

CBS News initiatives The Democratic nomination for governor has been awarded to Crist. From 2007 until 2011, Crist served as the governor of Florida as a Republican.

However, Crist will face an uphill task this time. DeSantis, who is regularly mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2024, has an enormous war fund of $160 million and has tremendous popularity.

Tuesday, immediately following his primary victory, Crist launched an onslaught against DeSantis.

“Governor DeSantis only cares about the White House, he doesn’t care about your house — so don’t be fooled by the DeSantis propaganda machine,” Crist said in his victory speech in St. Petersburg.  “He doesn’t promote freedom; he takes freedom away.”

Crist vowed to join Democrats, Republicans, and independents to defeat DeSantis, whom he called a “want tobe tyrant.”

“If we work together, stand up to this bully, we will defeat him in November,” Crist said. “Everyone who wants to protect freedom and protect democracy — who is tired of getting screwed by powerful special interests? We need your help.”

As he seeks the 2024 Republican nomination, Crist referred to the governor as a “abusive bully” who is playing a “dangerous” political game to cater to “extremists” in the party. “He imitates the worst totalitarian tyrants in the world,” Crist stated, adding, “this governor could care less about your liberty.”

Crist stated that, if elected, he will “restore” the liberties that DeSantis is taking away and sign an executive order guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose on day one.

DeSantis and Rubio had no primary opponents, but they both addressed voters on Tuesday evening.

In November, DeSantis had nothing to say about Crist, his Democratic opponent. Instead, he went directly to the top, criticizing Vice President Joe Biden.

“We will send a message to this man in the White House that we are fighting back against his destructive policies, and Florida will be the vanguard of freedom in this country,” DeSantis said.

He bragged about his record and the decisions he made during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak that ran counter to the federal government’s advice.

“When we had businesses open, they attacked me,” DeSantis said. “When I made sure people wouldn’t lose their job, they attacked me. They wanted people to lose their job. We’ve seen low unemployment, economic growth, the biggest budget surplus.”

Rubio attacked Democrats on the issue of inflation and criticized the Democratic Party for, in his words, “abandoning” working-class Americans. If they cared about working people, he argued, they would not have spent so much time arguing solar panels and the Internal Revenue Service.

In November, in contrast to DeSantis, he did mention his opponent, ridiculing Demings for casting some House votes via proxy.

Rubio joked that the House had become a “work-from-home” environment and that Demings voted in his pajamas.

The congressional and state senate primaries in New York were postponed until August due to the dispute over the new district boundaries. The final version of the map placed multiple incumbents, not just Nadler and Maloney in NY-12, in the same districts.

Two powerful Democrats, Nadler and Maloney, have strikingly similar voting records, which has turned the election into a vicious personality contest.

Nadler’s former district, NY-10, spanned from where he resided on the Upper West Side through Manhattan and a substantial portion of Brooklyn. He decided not to seek for office in the reconfigured district, which has more conventional boundaries in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn but excludes his area. Instead, he ran in NY-12 against Maloney.

This resulted in a crowded primary that at one point featured former New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, who has since withdrawn from the race.

In Hudson Valley, redistricting also led to another violent conflict. The chairman of the House Democrats’ campaign arm, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, was projected to win the primary by CBS News. Maloney presently represents the 18th District, although a third of his district was moved to the new 17th, pitting him against Rep. Mondaire Jones.

After Maloney declared his candidacy for the 17th District, Jones relocated to Brooklyn’s 10th District. Alessandra Biaggi, a state senator, is Maloney’s second opponent from the left.

In the opposite direction of New York, Florida has gained a congressional seat. DeSantis campaigned hard for a severely gerrymandered plan, even more so than the Republican-leaning design vetoed by the Florida legislature. Under his plan, Republicans might gain up to four seats, with Democratic-leaning districts in the 5th, 7th, and 13th Districts likely to switch to the GOP and a new, solidly Republican version of the 15th District.

One state judge ruled that the deletion of the 5th District was illegal, prompting a request that the map be thrown out. Before the midterm elections, the state Supreme Court opted not to entertain a challenge to the district maps.

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