“Micro-cheating” should not be ignored: Here are the five most common types

It is not just “sexting” that can be considered “micro-betrayal”.

Psychologist Emma Kenny explained other forms of “micro-cheating” that can harm your relationship.

1. Your partner still has profiles on dating sites

Even though you are at a stage where you are destined to be monogamous, your partner still has an open profile dating site just in case someone better comes along. It undermines your current relationship.

2. Hang out with someone who is sexually attractive to him

Spending time with someone your partner finds sexually attractive is just a stepping stone to an affair.

3. Maintains contact with the former

Still texting with the former on social media? This suggests that she still has feelings or needs confirmation from her ex, which means that your current relationship is in question.

4. Flirt with your friends

When you are out and about, he spends more time talking and flirting with your girlfriends than with you. This is very humiliating for the partner and indicates that you will have a problem with trust in the relationship.

5. Pretends there is no spark with someone else

If you have noticed that your partner spends a lot of time with another woman, it is probably more than just hanging out, writes the British “Sun”. If your partner assures you that it is just a matter of socializing and that there is nothing more than that, then he is actively sabotaging the long-term trust between the two of you.

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