Mickey Joseph will serve as interim coach after Scott Frost was fired

LINCOLN, Nebraska — The University of Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts announced on Sunday that Scott Frost, a former Husker quarterback who was hired in 2017 to rebuild a struggling Nebraska football program, will step down as head coach effective immediately. Frost’s resignation will take effect immediately.

According to a statement released by Nebraska, Mickey Joseph, who played quarterback for the Huskers in the past and is currently the coordinator of the passing game and wide receivers, will take over as temporary head coach.

I had a meeting with Coach Frost earlier today, and I broke the news to him that we are going to be making a change in the leadership of our football program, effective immediately. “I appreciate Scott’s hard work and dedication to the Nebraska football program, both as a quarterback and as the head coach,” Alberts said in a statement. “Scott has poured his heart and soul into the Nebraska football program.” “After getting off to a shaky start with our season, I came to the conclusion that making a change in our head coaching position would be the greatest way for our team to move ahead.”

Frost resigned from his position as head football coach at Nebraska after just three games into his fifth season in that role. At the University of Central Florida, he was named the national coach of the year for the 2017 season.

“The decision that A.D. made today. “It was a very tough choice for Trev Alberts to alter the leadership of the Husker football program, but it is the right decision,” UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green stated. “Scott embraced his profession and duty with the same passion, hard effort, and utter commitment that a native Nebraskan would. I am aware that he tried everything he could, just as he did when he was a prominent player. After a poor start to what we had all believed would be a new beginning, it is unfortunately time to make a change in the way things are done. Along with the rest of Nebraska, Jane and I send our warmest wishes to Scott and all of his family members.

Frost’s record at Nebraska was 16 wins and 31 losses during the course of his four and a half seasons there, and the team was never invited to a postseason game during his tenure. Frost’s defeats in Nebraska were decided by touchdowns or fewer in two-thirds of those games.

We are appreciative to Scott Frost for everything he has done for the University of Nebraska and the Huskers in his roles as a player, coach, and leader of our young men. The outcomes on the field are, unfortunately, not where they need to be. According to Ted Carter, who is the president of the University of Nebraska, “Nebraskans and I both expect us to contend for championships.” It was everyone’s hope that our program would improve, but (with) Oklahoma and Big Ten play still ahead of us, it’s quite evident that we need to make a change. Despite the fact that this choice is challenging, I have entire faith in Interim Coach Joseph and I wholeheartedly back the direction that AD Alberts is taking the team. There is still a significant amount of football to be played. Now is the time to come together as a team and show our athletes that they have our complete support.

Nebraska’s season started off poorly, with a loss to Northwestern in Dublin, Ireland, followed by a victory over North Dakota in a game that was tied as late as the third quarter, and then a defeat to Georgia Southern by a score of 45–42 on Saturday, during which the Nebraska defense allowed a near-record 642 total yards to be gained against them.

Before the end of the season in November 2021, Alberts gave Frost a vote of confidence by declaring that he would return in 2022 on a restructured deal. This announcement came before the end of the season.

Frost’s pay for 2022 was decreased from $5 million to $4 million as a result of the new agreement, and his buyout was lowered from $15 million to $7.5 million in the event that he was terminated after October 1, 2023. The agreement included a number of measurable objectives for 2022 that, if completed successfully, would have increased his annual income to $5 million beginning in 2023 and continued his employment through 2027.

It would appear that the University will uphold the buyout agreement and pay Frost an amount greater than $15 million for his departure.

In addition, Frost dismissed four assistant coaches in November 2021 as part of the renegotiated deal he had reached with the university. Whipple was named the new offensive coordinator for the Huskers with two games left in the season. Additionally, the Huskers recruited new assistant coaches Bryan Applewhite (running backs), Bill Busch (special teams), Mickey Joseph (wide receivers), and Donovan Raiola (offensive line).

In November of 2021, Alberts stated that Scott had presented a well-defined strategy and vision for the state of Nebraska’s future. I have been quite clear that I have been looking for incremental progress, and I have seen that in numerous critical areas this season. Although our record has not been what anyone wants it to be, we all acknowledge that this is the case.

While playing for Nebraska, Frost was a part of two teams that won the National Football League title, including the 1997 season when he was the starting quarterback.

We at the University of Nebraska want Coach Frost and his family to know that we wish them nothing but the best. “We are looking forward to continuing to support our Huskers in their athletic endeavors,” Carter said.

Only once, when Bob Devaney retired in 1973 and Tom Osborne took over the team the following year, did Nebraska make a change in the head football coach position between 1962 and 1997.

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