Michigan woman won millions and her winning email notification ended up in the ‘junk’ folder, almost misses winnings

The inbox, especially the “spam” folder, is usually full of messages that promise unimaginable riches, which are unfortunately “too good” to be true. An American, however, once decided to check out this so-called “Spam”…

Laura Spears from Auckland, Michigan, USA, bought a ticket for “Mega Millions”. With a combination of five numbers, the woman hoped to win the $ 3 million “jackpot”.

“I saw an ad on Facebook that the ‘mega million’ jackpot was getting pretty high, so I bought a ticket. He promised to tell me, but I did not receive anything in my email. A few days later, I was checking for something missing from a person, so I opened the spam folder… This is how I saw the lottery message that I had won a prize. I thought it was another spam, but I still opened the link and checked the lottery website. It turned out to be true! “Terribly shocking to me – I won three million dollars!” Said the 55-year-old lucky woman.

She intends to spend the money with her family.

Her last piece of advice is for people to check their spam folders more often.

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