Miami-Dade confirmed that an overnight fire Saturday destroyed multiple cars and two mobile homes on two properties

Miami-Dade, Florida – Multiple vehicles and two mobile homes were lost in a fire that broke out overnight on Saturday in the southwest part of Miami-Dade County.

Luis Luis stated that the fire began on his land, which is located at Southwest 200th Street and 162 Avenue. On his property, he has a number of vehicles parked.

According to Luis, his pastime is purchasing vehicles, bringing them back to working order, and then selling them. He estimated that he had lost at least four automobiles in the blaze.

He doesn’t know what sparked the fire, but he said it broke out in his barn at around two in the morning.

“I believe there was an electrical short. “It’s difficult to say what happened to the refrigerator that was there,” he stated.

The fire then moved to Yesenia’s Nursery, which was located on the adjacent property.

NBC 6 was told by the proprietor of the nursery that the fire started when there were three guys sleeping in two mobile homes nearby.

One of the men who was sleeping in the mobile home at the time the fire broke out stated, “I heard a huge boom and then I told my son we need to rush out,” Federico was one of the men who was sleeping in the mobile home.

According to the people who work at the nursery and those who reside on the property, they used hoses to try to put out the fire before the arrival of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Federico and two other guys said that they had lost everything, despite the fact that they were grateful to be alive. They just had the clothes on their backs with them when they left, and now they need shoes and other items to be able to work.

“I’m terribly sad. I ended up losing what little I did have. Right now, I have no idea where we will end up settling down. “It’s such a steep price,” Federico remarked.

The proprietor of the nursery is worried about her workers because they have lost everything, but she is grateful that everyone was able to get out of the building safely before it burned down.

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