Mia Khalifa says that it’s not up to DiCaprio, the girls are leaving him when they turn 25

Mia Khalifa, an actress in adult films, has shared her thoughts on the split between Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morone, an actress from Argentina. The Academy Award winner is notorious for ending relationships with all of his exes well after they reached the age of 25.

Even if a lot of people think that the star is leaving them because he’s in love with someone younger, Khalifa doesn’t believe that to be the case.

Girls at that age experience mental maturity, which means that they realize that they are in a love relationship with a 47-year-old man,” said Khalifa, and many of the fans agreed with her. “Perhaps they’re leaving him,” Khalifa said. “Maybe they’re leaving him.” She also made derogatory comments about her exe-boyfriend, the artist Jay Cortez.

She claimed that he was a manipulator who subjected her to mental abuse.

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