„MGU-H“, the part of the vehicle that helped Hamilton winning several championships, will be banned from 2026

The FIA World Motorsport Council has approved the final proposal for 2026’s new Formula 1 engine-related regulations.

Although the media says that the document relies on “four pillars” to keep the sport attractive and watchable, the biggest news is that the hybrid turbo engines that were debuted in 2014 will be altered to eliminate the “MGU-H” gadget, which generated power from the exhaust fumes.

Lewis Hamilton won his first championship in 2008 as a member of McLaren Mercedes. Since 2014, with the new era of turbo engines that contained the MGU-H gadget, he has won six more world titles as a Mercedes driver.

As the MGU-K gadget formerly known as KERS stays in the current set of regulations, the hybrid drive will be preserved after 2026. This device converts the heat energy emitted by the brakes into electrical energy that is stored in batteries and supplies the electric motor with potential. In order to emphasize hybridity, the maximum electricity consumption limit has been increased to 350 kilowatts from 120 kilowatts for the “MGU-K.”

The second big development is that Formula 1 is transitioning to synthetic fuels. It is claimed that vehicle makers are already familiar with the “MGU-H” technology, but that it has limited utility in ordinary vehicles. In contrast, the FIA has long insisted on bio-components in fuel to cut carbon dioxide emissions, in preparation for a 2026 transition to “sustainable fuel.”

The clubs’ limited budget stands at 95 million dollars until 2025, and then climbs to 130 million dollars in 2026. Minor offenses will result in minor fines of a sporting nature, while serious infractions will result in point deductions.

With the approval of these rules, it is believed that moves are being done to recruit new manufacturers to the sport, with the Volkswagen group in the focus. Porsche is reported to become a co-owner of the Red Bull team, whereas Audi is most commonly connected with McLaren. Other possibilities, such as the founding of a brand-new team, have also been rumored.

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