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Metro Transit unveiled three electric buses

Omaha, Nebraska – After two years of effort, Metro Transit took a big step toward saving the environment and meeting their goal of having a net-zero emission fleet by introducing their first electric buses.

They said that a federal grant and the help of the Nebraska Environmental Trust made it possible for Metro Transit to buy the electric buses.

According to Lauren Cencic, CEO of Metro Transit, “We are really looking to make sure that we are protecting our region, that we’re still viable, a great place to live, work, and play in the future and into future generations.”

The electric buses will offer a totally new experience to passengers in terms of how quiet they are. The buses are running completely on battery power, and it takes from three to five hours to fully charge them.

Nebraska is still lagging behind when it comes to electric vehicles and charging stations, but Metro Transit officials are optimistic that this will serve as an example that will be followed by many other cities.

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