Meta announced new interesting feature for Facebook, will help users organize conversations on a topic that interests them

The social networking site Facebook will soon have a new feature called Community Chats, which was introduced by the business Meta. This feature will enable users to more easily arrange talks on subjects that are of interest to them.

You’ll be able to interact with people who aren’t already in your social circle by using the new feature to organize conversations around posts, topics, and events and then using those conversations to communicate with those people.

According to City Magazine, which cites The Verge, in addition to the text component, there will be support for audio and video channels. This would allow users to switch on their microphone or camera to “call” other individuals, should they so choose.

In contrast to groups that are part of the same network, here you will have a faster opportunity to obtain answers to queries regarding a particular subject, and there will be administrators who will make sure that everything is kept civilized and civilized at all times. This involves both typing in words that are not allowed in the conversation and blocking those who do not behave appropriately.

Meta has announced that their new option will include an increasing number of specific topics and will, as a result, bring a smaller number of people whose interests are most similar to one another closer together. All of this is in some ways inspired by the system that Discord has, in which conversations are organized around a video game or topic.

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